Technology killed reality

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“Technology killed reality” sculpture. 
there’s not enough pictures or angles to get a good idea of what this looks like in person. You would really need to be able to climb in the screen and see what’s going on here. Like the title says technology killed reality, and continues to kill reality. I’ll try to describe this the best I can.....

Soooo ... it starts off as a spray paint can like most of my fun things do , tops off with a baby head with an open mouth ,big smile ,tongue sticking out ,picture perfect white teeth, Breaking out of that can is a camera(actual camera, disposable Fuji in case you’ve never seen one) at the base we have all the basic technology killers... Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. Then we get a little more dramatic, with bullet shells ,hard wired restraints...... Now that I’ve pointed out a lot of what you may have missed you can get a better idea of why these pictures can’t get the whole story in. Unfortunately unless you’ve been to one of my Archos you may not get to see this in person unless it ends up in your home.