Everything GUILTY CHAOS! Guilty CHAOS art to be appreciated everywhere on everything imaginable. Sure you can call it a sell out, but I created each of these original pieces. So instead of only offering you the original and expecting everyone (who loves my creations as much as I do ) to pay the amount of an original creation seams unrealistic these days. Yes there are plenty of art enthusiasts that truly appreciate a one of a kind and are prepared to pay for that piece that no one else will have. They want that “OMG that’s amazing where did you get that? I need one!” Said in their home and their able to say “sorry it’s one of a kind, and mine, you can’t have one... ha ha.”  Those people are amazing and I freaking love them so much! I also love the people who appreciate how rare and out of the box my style is but not for the “original one of one art” prices . You guys are my people too! I get it .. both sides are valid. I want to make my artwork accessible to everyone, so these artistic products are my way. Enjoy... this sections gonna get fun 🖤