Meet the artist

I'm not going to make a timeline of my artistic accomplishments because that's just boring.. there are picture gallery's to browse through for that. But, i will tell you this...... I like to consider myself an "evolving" artist. I don't say "aspiring" because that makes me think "beginner" and i'm definitely not that.. but i also don't say "professional" because that just sounds cocky to me. Evolving suites me best.. always trying new ideas ,always curious, always enhancing my creative brain.. because basically if your not evolving, you're deteriorating and i have to much passion in me to allow that.
Like most artists ... my straight line looks somewhat like a pretzel and my box.. well if i did have one, i misplaced it. My brain works different.. i see everything at its potential.. its hard for me to accept anything "as is".. i want personal.. i want different.. i cant imagine settling for basic when it doesn't have to be. I thrive on making things that no one else has ever seen or thought of. My art isn't for everyone.. and neither am I ..but i'm okay with that.
I've tried to make whats trendy and more appealing to the masses but I hate it. I make what I like. I make what I think is absolutely amazing at that very moment (and my moments can change rather quickly) When you love what what you do.. it can never be wrong! Thanks for having interest to read about me, i appreciate you!