Fallen head over heels for you

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Who better to star in a mixed media,3d art, love story then BARBIE & KEN? They've fallen head over heels in love and the world around them doesn't even make sense. But, just because something doesn't make sense, doesn't mean its not perfect. Everyone desires a different type of perfect. Divine Chaos is always perfect! Similar to my other mixed media creations ,there's too much to list if your looking for some kind of inventory. Plus, it would ruin the fun you'll have discovering it all on your own.
Dimensions: 11.5" X 11.5" X 2.25"

****** All original art will be signed, dated and will display my logo somewhere on the piece (usually the back). I WILL NOT DUPLICATE a piece. I can recreate something similar, use the concept, work off of an idea but be assured the art YOU buy will be YOURS and only YOURS!