DIRTY MADNESS assemblage diorama

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Well... need I explain more? This just happened... everything full of chaos just bled into this corner of the world and settled. I thought this is why I make art.. "I MAKE ART TO SHOW MY SOUL THAT I'M LISTENING" and the closest thing I had to write down this perfect explanation to the madness ,happened to be a page from 50 shades of grey.(pages cover the sides as well) There's too much to list if your looking for some kind of inventory ,plus it would ruin the fun you'll have discovering it all on your own. I wouldn't call this gore but its definitely not rainbows and butterflies either. If you can only see what's in front of you, you cant truly appreciate this.. its not face value... this is more for the secretary who has more drawers of lingerie then pencil skirts.
Dimensions: 13.5" X 9.25" X 3" & fully enclosed.. glass was removed for some of the pictures .